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keratin bonds/micro ring/micro weave

Half/Full head Remy 16"Bonds 


Half/Full head Remy 18"Bonds 


Half/Full head Remy 20"Bonds 


Half/Full head  16" Remy Micro Rings


Half/Full head 18" Remy Micro Rings


Half/Full head 20" Remy Micro Rings


Hair Style

Half/Full head 18" Remy Nano Rings


Half/Full head 20"  Remy Nano Rings


110g Remy LA weave 18" 

£170 (+£20 for 20")      

 170g  Remy LA weave 18"

£220 (+£20 for 20")

Rooted/Balayage 150g LAWeave 20"


Refit Weave


Tighteninig of Weave


Refit with same hair (Micro/ Nano Rings)


Removal of Extensions


6 Weekly Maintenance (Bonds/Rings)



Small hair replacement


Large Hair Replacemnet


Small hair replacement with extensions       


Large hair replacement with extensions       







These are free but as I need to Reserve the hair for you, a 50% deposit will required to secure your booking.

On the consultation we can discuss your hair extensions requirements and the suitability of which type or extension is best for you. We can chat about your worries, as after 15 years of experience in this field, I know it can be quite daunting if you are new to hair extensions.


Having suffered hair loss due to trichotilliomania in my childhood, I'm the person to put your mind completely at ease. I can also fully understand and empathise with anybody else who has been, or is in this situation. After the consultation I will take you through the maintenance and aftercare of your new extensions, making sure you get the very best out of you new look. The best products for hair extensions is the Balmain range as they are specially created for hair with hair extensions.

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