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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Reasons Why The Keratin can break down?

There are many ways which can effect the keratin bonds. If you suffer with oily hair or go to the gym often, this can cause your bonds to go stick and slide out more quickly.

Conditioner/creamy shampoo or anything oily should not be allowed to soak in the bonds or even styling products such as hair spray. If there is a build up and the extensions are not washed correctly will cause the keratin bonds to break-down, this is when the bonds turn’s soft and sticky.

Do not allow the bonds to have any contact with heat from hair dryers/styling tools or washing the bonds under hot water, its only advisable to wash the hair under luke warm water.

If any dye, bleach, toner or chemicals from swimming pools has any contact with the extensions this would seriously damage the bonds. ▪ Hair was not clean before application (i.e. greasy, conditioner, serum) this will not allow the bonds to take to the hair correctly. ▪ After application the hair should not be washed for at least 24 - 48 hrs as the keratin bonds are at there weakest.

If the keratin has been effected by any of the reasons above, Try using Dry Shampoo. By applying dry shampoo into the roots and over the bonds this will help harden up the soft/sticky keratin and resolve the problems you are experiencing.

Its very important that these instructions are carefully followed as some issues from chemicals or if the damage is left too long can be irreversible.

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