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Why are my extensions matted/knotted or bunched up?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It is the usual assumption to think that knotting or matting is down to the quality of the hair extensions. Natural hair becomes knotted if not cared for correctly, therefore knotting will occur in hair extensions as they too are a raw product and will behave the same as your natural hair.

Hair extensions are prone to product build up so if you are not thoroughly rinsing the extensions after washing, product will build up and will make the hair extensions look greasy or feel waxy which will make it difficult to run your fingers through your hair and this is what causes them to knot.

Matting is similar and a result of damage to the cuticle. Often the hair has already been through a process of lightening and it can also be damaged by heated appliances. This will damage the cuticles which will rub together causing matting. This is why it is advised to use products designed for hair extensions. I always recommend Beauty Works, Balmain or XTen aftercare products. It is recommend following an aftercare routine 2-3 times a week to ensure the extensions are continually revitalised and nourished. Not brushing or washing the hair extensions regularly can also cause the hair extensions to matt.

It is also important to use correct brushes for hair extensions. For example a soft bristle brush, loop brush or tangle teezer. Beauty Works hair extension brushes are designed to brush over an attachment method (weft, micro-ring and keratin bonds) and avoid snagging on the extensions. Regular brushing will keep the extensions in the best condition and prevent matting from occurring.

Some hair extension wearers complain of the hair ‘bunching-up’. The hair will usually feel dry and look dull it can also expands when washing, this is due generally to damaged and torn cuticles and a result of poor porosity. Not following correct aftercare, excessive heat, incorrect brushes are common factors in causing this. I often see the same clients experience these problems over and over again whilst my other clients using the same hair will always have soft beautiful hair as they are following all the correct care. Often the hair will benefit from a deep conditioning treatment to help restore damaged cuticles.

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