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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Have you been swimming?- Chlorine will change the colour of your hair extensions, it will also cause damage and matting. If possible avoid swimmimg underwater. Tie hair up in a high bun to protect it from the chlorine. Blonde hair especially can turn pink/orange or have a green tinge. It may be possible to reverse this with a toner or shampoo but sometimes such damage cannot be repaired.

Sunshine and UV rays can cause your hair extensions to change colour, it can lighten them and also dry them out so it is avdised to wear a hat in the sun to reduce exposure to strong UV rays.

The iron content in the water will vary in foreign countries and depending on where you live. In certain countries, the iron levels in the water can turn your hair extensions pink or orange in again this is typical in light blonde extensions, so if possible use bottled water. Blue or purple shampoo may help reverse any discolouration.

If you notice your hair extensions go dry, the colour fades or appear dull when you wash them. This could be down to hard water in your area as it may contain a higher level of an alkaline. If this becomes an issue it is recommended to install a filtered shower head.

If you wash your hair and the water is too hot then his can cause your colour to fade. The heat of the water, will damage the cuticles, they will open and the colour with drain out of the hair shaft. The advise is to wash your hair extensions in lukewarm water.

Excessive heat from styling appliances will also cause damage and change the colour of the hair. The maximum temperature that can be used on hair extensions is 180 degrees, again this is more noticeable in blonde hair and cannot be repaired.

Be aware as any extensions which have been exposed to these elements will not be guaranteed by your hair extension supplier.

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